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How to start up twin screw extruder machine

How to start up twin screw extruder machine

Update Time:2020/3/6

Step of start up double screw extrusion machine

①After checking everything is normal, start the main motor, and adjust the main engine speed knob (note that the speed control knob should be set to zero before driving), gradually increase the main screw speed, idling speed is not higher than 40rpm without feeding. No less than 1Min, check whether the no-load current of the host is stable.

②If there is no abnormality in the rotation of the main machine, you can follow the steps below. Start the auxiliary machine → start the main machine → start the feeder.

③Add a small amount of material first, and start feeding at the lowest possible speed. After the material is discharged from the standby head, slowly increase the screw speed of the feeder and the screw speed of the host. When the speed is increased, the host speed should be increased first. Feed and match the speed of the feeder to the main engine. After each main engine is raised, you should observe a few minutes. After there is no abnormality, increase the speed until it reaches the working state required by the process.

④ After the host runs smoothly, you can start the water pump of the soft water system, and then slightly open the shut-off valve of the barrel section to be cooled. After a few minutes, observe the temperature change in this section.

⑤ After the host machine enters a stable running state, restart the vacuum pump (open the vacuum pump water inlet valve before starting to adjust and control the appropriate working water volume, subject to a small amount of water spraying from the vacuum pump exhaust port). Observe the plasticity and fullness of the material in the spiral groove from the exhaust port. If normal, you can open the vacuum line valve to control the vacuum within the required range. If there is a "blow-up" phenomenon at the exhaust port, it can be eliminated by adjusting the rotation speed of the screw of the host and the feeder, or changing the combined configuration of the screw.

⑥ After the plastic is extruded, it is necessary to slowly introduce the extruded material to the cooling setting and traction equipment, and then adjust each link appropriately according to the instruction value of the control instrument and the requirements for the extruded product until the extrusion operation is normal. Status.

⑦ Cutting and sampling, check whether the appearance meets the requirements, whether the size meets the standards, quickly detect the performance, and then adjust the extrusion process according to the quality requirements, so that the products meet the standard requirements.

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